Lucie Klaassen combines the Academic Art of Riding with the Masterson Method and Body Awareness for Riders. She believes that these modalities support each other in helping the horse relax and bring more freedom of movement to the horse (and human).

 If the spine can not move freely during the training, the energy can not flow and the movement will be restricted. By finding the body parts and junctions where the horse holds accumulated stress we can help to release tension. With soft touch and gently movement we are working on the nervous system, and we can help the horse release both physical and mental tension.

Lucie is based in the Netherlands but she is traveling internationally to give AR groundwork and liberty clinics, Body Awareness for Riders and Masterson Method weekend seminars. Her specialty is connection, communication, body awareness and the effects of the nervous system on physical and mental balance of both rider and horse.

“To connect with your horse, you need to connect with yourself first.”

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